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Introduction to several methods of installing casters for industrial aluminum profiles

Introduction to several methods of installing casters for industrial aluminum profiles.

Casters are often installed at the bottom of the frame made of industrial aluminum profiles to achieve free movement, so how are casters installed on industrial aluminum profiles? It mainly depends on the section profile of the aluminum profile and the type of casters used.
If the end face of the aluminum profile is a small round hole, it is really easy to install the caster on such a profile. As long as the thread is tapped at the position of the small round hole, the screw caster can be used for multi-angle movement. The threaded rod is directly aligned with the position of the hole and tightened clockwise.
If there is a hole in the middle of the aluminum profile, there are more steps in the installation, and more accessories are used. The tapping operation cannot be performed in the middle of the hole profile. At this time, the customer just uses this type of profile, and the bottom needs to install casters. This requires How to do it? In Shanghai Qiyu manufacturers, there is an accessory that is specially used for the connection of various bottom supports with the hole profile. This accessory is called the end face connection plate in the industry, and it can be customized according to the end face of the profile.
The casters that can be used with the end face connecting plate are flat casters. The reason why the screw casters are different is because of the appearance. If they are installed with screw casters, the screw must protrude out, which affects the appearance. The flat caster is used for installation as shown in the figure. The end face connecting plate can be connected with elastic nut + inner six bolts. The caster is installed on the end face connecting plate and can be directly connected with inner hexagon bolts.

Post time: Aug-01-2022