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PU Universal And Locking Noiseless Caster Wheels Transparent Standard Solid 5 Inch 125 mm Solid Wheel other Available Industry

Polyurethane elastomer is a new polymer synthetic material between rubber and plastic. It has both high strength of plastic and high elasticity of rubber.

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PU polyurethane wheel features

1. Good low temperature performance;
2. Good oxygen and ozone resistance;
3. Good machinability. (turning, milling, grinding and drilling);
4. It has excellent vibration absorption performance and can be used for vibration reduction and cushioning. In mold manufacturing industry, replace rubber and spring;
5. Wear resistance. Its wear resistance is very outstanding, generally within the range of 0.01-0.10 (cm3) /1.61km, about 3-5 times that of rubber;
6. Radiation resistance. Polyurethane has good resistance to high-energy radiation, and still has satisfactory performance under 10-10 Ge radiation dose;
7. Wide hardness range. It still has the elongation and resilience of rubber under high hardness. The hardness range of polyurethane elastomer is shore a10-d80;
8. Oil resistant. Polyurethane elastomer is a kind of the strong polar polymer compound, which has little affinity with the non-polar mineral oil and is hardly eroded in fuel oil and machine oil.
9. High strength. Under the hardness of rubber, their tensile strength and load-bearing capacity are much higher than that of general rubber. Under high hardness, its impact strength and bending strength are much higher than that of plastic.

Product specification

Hole Spacing 61*54mm
Plate Size 85*72mm
Load Height 116mm
Wheel dia 100mm
Width 26mm
Swivel Radius 73mm
Aperture 8.4mm
Threaded Stem Size M10*15
Material PU PP
Customized support OEM, ODM, OBM
Place of Origin ZHE CHINA
Color Yellow

Customer questions & answers

Q:I am looking at these casters to replace the broken ones on our upright piano. Do you think these would work?
A:It depends on if the casters you're replacing are the same size & shape.

Q:Will it damage the floor?
A:I don't think so, as long as the load is not very heavy

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